Chic Beauty: Emma Watson Stuns in One-Shouldered Jumpsuit at Shanghai Film Press Conference

Emma Watson graced the press conference for her latest movie, Beauty and the Beast, wearing a variety of elegant princess-style dresses. However, she added a contemporary twist to her wardrobe by sporting a sleek one-shouldered jumpsuit during her interview in Shanghai. The 26-year-old actress looked stunning and chic in her minimalist outfit.

Ready to jump: Emma Watson sported a one-shouldered jumpsuit teamed with simple white plimsolls as she spoke at a press conference for Beauty And The Beast on Monday 

Emma Watson donned a chic one-shouldered jumpsuit paired with white plimsolls while attending a Beauty And The Beast press conference on Monday. Her hair was styled in a French braid and she opted for natural-looking makeup with brown eyeshadow and pale lipstick. Emma joined co-stars Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, and director Bill Condon for the event. The day after, Emma made a stunning appearance at the Chinese premiere of the film in a caped nude embellished gown with a mini-train, showcasing her elegant fashion sense.

Subtle: Emma's hair was teased into a French braid and she wore subtle brown eyeshadow and pale lipstick for the event

Emma chose a sophisticated hairstyle, opting for a French braid, and paired it with a gentle touch of brown eyeshadow and a light shade of lipstick to complete her look for the occasion.

Dressing for comfort: The actress teamed her jumpsuit with a pair of simple white plimsolls 

To prioritize comfort, the actress paired her jumpsuit with plain white plimsolls. The classic fairytale has been adapted into a movie, featuring Belle’s incredible adventure as she gets captured in a beast’s castle. Although frightened at first, Belle befriends the magical staff that inhabits the castle and learns to see beyond the Beast’s intimidating appearance, discovering the true Prince within. Interestingly, in this version of Beauty And The Beast, Belle is portrayed as an inventor instead of her father, and fresh new songs have been added to the iconic soundtrack from the 1991 film.

Co-star love: Director Bill Condon, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad posed for pictures at the movie's press conference in China earlier this week

The director of the movie, Bill Condon, along with actors Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, and Josh Gad, were seen taking photographs together, possibly indicating a close bond between the co-stars on set.

Emma, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, revealed how she injected fearless girl power into her portrayal of Belle in the new live-action version of the classic fairytale. She explained how she wanted to create a backstory for Belle, as the original version didn’t provide much insight into her character before meeting the Beast. Emma shared that they made Belle a mad wacky inventor, taking over from her father’s character in the cartoon. The opening song highlights the challenges Belle faces, portraying how the boys go to school while the girls do laundry.

Retelling: The movie adaptation of the famous fairytale follows the fantastic journey of Belle, a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle

Rewritten: The well-known fairytale has been transformed into a movie which showcases the enchanting expedition of Belle. She is a smart, stunning and self-reliant lady who gets captured by a monstrous creature in his palace.

In her element: Emma commanded attention in her one-shoulder jumpsuit

In her element: Emma commanded attention in her one-shoulder jumpsuit

Emma effortlessly stole the spotlight in her trendy one-shoulder jumpsuit, flaunting her fashion sense and confidence.

Get in line: The three main stars were quizzed by journalists at the press conference 

Join the queue: Reporters fired questions at the trio of lead actors during the press briefing.

Fun-filled event: The spirits were high during the Q&A session

The Q&A session was a blast as everyone was in high spirits. During the discussion, she shared her invention of a washing machine that is run by a donkey, which lightens the workload for young girls and allows her to teach them how to read. Unfortunately, the villagers were not as receptive and destroyed her creation. According to the Harry Potter star, the villagers’ skepticism goes beyond just reading and is indicative of their desire to break her spirit and force her to conform to their expectations. It is heartbreaking to see such resistance towards progress and equality.

Doing Disney: Emma and Dan as featured in the live-action version of Beauty And The Beast

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens were cast as the main characters in the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, making for an exciting addition to the Disney remake series.

A dazzling sight: Emma cut a stunning figure as she arrived at the Beauty And The Beast premiere in Shanghai 

Emma made quite an entrance at the Beauty And The Beast premiere in Shanghai. Her appearance was nothing short of spectacular, leaving everyone in awe of her stunning figure.

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