Dumped In The Bush, Blind And Very Thin Dog Begging In Fear For A Second Chance To Live

Conchita was abandoned in the bushes; she was very thin and could not move because she was afraid not to see, but a boy saved her and now she lives as the most beloved and caring member of the family.

Conchita is a special needs dog who lacks her little eyes, but this did not prevent her from being happy. However, her past was turbulent, as the first owners abandoned her in poor health and very thin, knowing about her weakness. What was “garbage” for some turned into gold for a boy, her best friend, and because he felt sorry for the sad dogs, now they are her dearest pampered.

Save the abandoned dog that lost both of her eyes.

Mauricio P. ochrez told the story of his beloved dog Conchita, who stared at him from death on the street, on TikTok. According to the social media video, this dog was uploaded in a group where one of the users reported that she was abandoned.

The young man did not hesitate to go and pick her up; poor Conchita was afraid of the people around her and only stayed in one place because walking was a difficult effort because she did not know the people around her, but she trusted Mauricio and went with him to start a new life.

There was an instant connection, and due to the care that the man gave her, Conchita was recovering not only physically, but also psychologically, as her heart gradually opened to the unreserved love of her owner.

The video presents this incredibly cute dog because you can see how she was suffering and how, thanks to this man and, without a doubt, the family, she managed to be happy, because they even celebrated the year of her rescue, being the most pampered in your house.

Said TikTok has almost two million views, with many congratulating Mauricio for this act of solidarity and love, because this video is about promoting animal welfare andaoption, because if she had not been picked up by this young man, Conchita, she would not have lived so much in the dangers of the street.

Without a doubt, a life lesson that many people should learn, because getting a furry friend is as simple as adopting or saving someone who needs help.

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