“Emotional Jennifer Aniston Sets the Tone for Ellen DeGeneres’ Farewell Season Kickoff”

New season: Jennifer Aniston wipes away tears in a teaser for Ellen DeGeneres' opening show of her final season, as the host thanks her for being a part of it 'since literally day one'

The premiere episode of the final season of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” had Jennifer Aniston as its first guest, and both the actress and the audience were moved by her heartfelt entrance. Known for her memorable performances in “Friends” and “The Morning Show,” the 52-year-old star couldn’t help shedding tears as she stepped on stage, saying in surprise, “Why am I getting emotional? This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

Obsessed with the mat: Jennifer gets up and says, 'Wait a minute,' looking at the floor where there is an old door mat. Jennifer says she has done the show 19 times and adds the mat has only been there one time

“Aw, shucks!” The sentimental value of the occasion was apparent as Aniston appeared on Ellen’s show during its first year in 2003. She had gifted Ellen with a doormat that held a special place in her heart. Ellen promised to keep it forever, but Jennifer noticed that it had been replaced with a worn-out replica, leading to some lighthearted teasing between them.

Emotional: In a teaser clip of Friday's upcoming show, the actress, 52, who has supported Ellen during her 'toxic workplace' scandal, tears up as soon as she walks out on stage

The emotional meet-up of Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres exemplified their authentic friendship that has blossomed through their numerous appearances on the show. Aniston’s tears were not only a proof of the deep bond she shares with Ellen but also a reflection of the sentimental weight that comes with the conclusion of an era. “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” has been an essential part of daytime television for almost two decades, entertaining and motivating millions of viewers with its comic relief, star-studded guests, and charitable activities. As the program commences on its final season, it’s natural for emotions to surge, reminding us of the innumerable unforgettable moments it brought into our lives.

As Jennifer Aniston graced the stage, the mood was set for a poignant goodbye to a show that has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry and its viewers. With Ellen DeGeneres bidding adieu to her extraordinary television career, viewers can anticipate more heart-rending moments, pleasant surprises, and inevitably a few tears along the way. The ultimate season guarantees to be an emotive ride, overflowing with appreciation, humor, and authentic bonds that have transformed “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” into a cherished and unforgettable part of TV legacy.

Hard for her to say goodbye: The Along Came Polly star takes her time crying and looks overcome with emotion

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