“Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram Oopsie: A Comical Influencer Mishap in Promoting Collagen Powder Featuring a Glaring Mistake”

Jennifer Aniston has amassed a significant number of followers on Instagram ever since she made her debut on the platform in 2019. She uses social media to endorse various products to her admirers, just like numerous other celebrities. Nevertheless, Celeb Spellcheck, a famous Instagram account, recently called out the Friends star for supposedly committing an influencer faux pas.

Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? Jennifer Aniston was recently called out on social media by the famous Celeb Spellcheck Instagram account for an “influencer fail.” The actress, who starred in the film Cake, posted a clip on Instagram promoting “collagen creamer” from Vital Proteins. The video showed someone with red nails preparing a cup of coffee while Wham!’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go played in the background. However, when the video cut back to Jennifer taking a sip of coffee, her fingernails were painted a different color.

The image showed someone with vibrant red painted nails making a hot cup of coffee while jamming out to the energetic rhythm of Wham!’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. It seemed like this was their usual way of starting the day.

There were some problems with the video of Jennifer sipping her coffee as her nails seemed to change color abruptly in between shots. Celeb Spellcheck took a dig at movie stars who endorse collagen powders on social media but don’t even use their own hands while making coffee in their videos. Fans were also upset about the mishap, with some even commenting on how evident it was. It seems like celebrities have lost their appeal these days.

Celeb Spellcheck, a well-known Instagram account, recently shared a comical remark regarding A-list celebrities promoting collagen powders on social media. The account humorously suggested that these celebrities don’t even know how to make coffee themselves and are probably just paid endorsers. Fans were quick to react, with some even suspecting Jennifer Aniston’s account was hacked when she appeared in a video with mismatched nail polish. However, some speculated that the video might have been shot over multiple days. Several users also commented on the irony of a wealthy actress endorsing coffee creamer on Instagram.

Jennifer Aniston’s decision to promote coffee creamer on her Instagram account has left some of her fans confused. Some have even poked fun at her financial status, joking that she must be down to her last $300 million. Others have criticized her coffee-making skills, comparing them to those of a canteen lady from a sports club. Despite the negative feedback, Jennifer partnered with Vital Proteins in 2020 and became the company‚Äôs Chief Creative Officer. In 2019, she ranked fifth in Forbes’ list of highest-paid actresses with a total income of $28 million. She currently boasts an estimated net worth of around $300 million.

In Hollywood, Jennifer has earned quite a reputation for herself, securing the fifth spot on Forbes’ list of highest paid actresses in 2019. The same year, she amassed an impressive $28 million! As of 2021, her net worth stands at around $300 million. We all fondly recall her unforgettable performance as Rachel in Friends, as seen here alongside her co-stars Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and Courteney Cox in 1998.

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