Oops! Gal Gadot’s Fashion Faux Pas: Price Tag Left on Sweater During Beverly Hills Dinner

Gal Gadot had a minor mishap when she went for dinner at Mr Chow in Beverly Hills on Thursday night, as she realized that she had left the price tag on her sweater. The 32-year-old actress was accompanied by fellow Wonder Woman star Robin Wright and director Patty Jenkins, making it a special reunion for the trio.

Bought it on Amazon? Gal Gadot suffered a wardrobe malfunction on Thursday night when she arrived for dinner with a price tag still on her sweater

Gal Gadot experienced a minor mishap during an outing on Thursday evening, as she arrived at a dinner with the price tag still attached to her sweater. Fortunately, a gallant doorman saved the day by pointing out the wardrobe malfunction. Despite the incident, the actress remained upbeat and laughed it off with good humor. The Israeli beauty donned a stunning black and white plaid mini dress, paired with stylish strappy flats and a charming red purse. She also sported a slim black cardigan that she had recently purchased. Despite the hiccup, Gadot still looked every bit the Amazonian goddess.

Whoops! The 32-year-old beauty was heading into Mr Chow in Beverly Hills when she discovered the blunder

Oops! As she was entering Mr Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills, the stunning 32-year-old woman stumbled upon a mistake.

No makeup was visible on her face and it wasn’t necessary either. Her long black hair, which could have covered the label, was tied back in a ponytail. It was also reported on that day that Jenkins, who directed Wonder Woman, was in the final stages of negotiations to helm the second installment of the franchise, making her the highest-paid female director in Hollywood. The film, produced by Warner Bros Pictures, was released earlier this year and had an opening weekend of $103.2 million. It later went on to earn more than $800 million globally, according to Deadline.

Priceless: Tag or no, the Israeli goddess still looked gorgeous on a black and white plaid mini dress

Unmatched: Regardless of the tag, the Israeli beauty was stunning in a black and white checkered mini dress. A source from the studio expressed optimism about Patty’s return to the franchise and anticipates an agreement soon. Wonder Woman, which premiered in May, broke records as the highest-grossing domestic opening for a female director. Furthermore, Jenkins made history as the first American studio superhero movie directed by a woman.

Dream team: That same day it was reported that her Wonder Woman direct Patty Jenkins s in final negotiations to not only direct the second installment of the historic franchise, but to also become the highest paid female director in Hollywood 

On that particular day, news broke out about the formation of a dream team. Patty Jenkins, who directed Wonder Woman, was said to be in the last phase of negotiations. She wasn’t just going to direct the second installment of the franchise, but would also make history by becoming the highest paid female director in Hollywood.

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