“Shakira and Lewis Hamilton Enjoy a Scrumptious Meal Together in Barcelona’s Bustling City”

Shakira blew away her fans with her impressive performance at the VMAs 2023 as she showcased her talents as a true Video Vanguard. However, there has also been speculation about her romantic involvement with Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton. The pair was recently spotted having dinner with their friends Mustafa the Poet and Fai Khadra in Spain after Hamilton’s impressive second-place finish at the Spanish Grand Prix. In a group photo posted on Mustafa’s Instagram Story, Hamilton was seen with his arm wrapped around Shakira’s waist, further fueling rumors about their relationship. Shakira looked stunning in a beautiful blue dress, while Hamilton kept it casual with a white graphic t-shirt, beige pants, and a black trucker hat. Earlier in the weekend, Hamilton jokingly spoke about finding himself a “Latina” girlfriend.

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton in Barcelona

Over the weekend, Shakira and Lewis Hamilton stirred up even more interest in the rumors about their possible romantic relationship. Many of their fans and members of the media have been making various assumptions based on their actions.

Shakira at the Spanish Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton made a lighthearted comment about being single during a joint appearance with Mercedes teammate George Russell. He joked about wanting to find a Latina partner, which sparked a reaction from fans on Twitter who mentioned Shakira. Russell, who is in a relationship with Carmen Montero Mundt, teased Hamilton in a playful manner about his extended time as a single man.

Lewis Hamilton at the Spanish Grand Prix

Last month, Getty Images managed to snap a photo of Hamilton and the singer together in Miami for the very first time.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russel

During a conversation with George Russell, his teammate, Lewis Hamilton joked about wanting to find a girlfriend who is Latina. As a result, fans on social media humorously suggested that he had an interest in the well-known singer Shakira. Interestingly, Shakira was seen at the track the following day, cheering Hamilton and Russell on as they secured second and third place, while Max Verstappen claimed the top spot.

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton in Miami

After the Miami Grand Prix, Shakira and Hamilton were seen enjoying a relaxing boat ride along South Florida’s waterways. Shakira shared her excitement about being back in Barcelona on social media while flaunting her Versace blouse, pink bra, white mini skirt, and platform sneakers. The talented mother of two was accompanied by a group of friends, including Hamilton, who met at the celebrity hotspot, Cipriani, in Downtown Miami during the race and reunited a few days later for the boat adventure. They set off from her luxurious waterfront mansion worth $20 million.

Gerard Pique and Shakira with their kids

Shakira, the talented artist responsible for the popular track “Waka Waka,” is now single after separating from Gerard Piqué, the father of their two children. In June 2022, she shared the news of their split with the public, revealing that Piqué’s alleged infidelity with Clara Chia Marti, his current girlfriend, was the reason for their separation. Shakira discovered this supposed affair when she noticed that there was less jam than usual in her home. This incident has attracted a lot of interest.

Tom Cruise and Shakira at the Miami Grand Prix

There have been some speculations about Shakira’s love life lately. According to Page Six, she was spotted with Tom Cruise in Miami. Apparently, the two of them left the pre-race ceremonies of the Miami Grand Prix early and spent some quality time together in a private hospitality suite. However, a reliable source close to Shakira revealed to US Weekly that she is not interested in dating the 60-year-old actor. Another rumor that has been circulating involves Lewis Hamilton and Brazilian model Juliana Nalu. Despite the rumors, neither of them has confirmed anything yet.

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