“Shakira’s Heartfelt Return to Colombia to Support Her Ailing Mother in Hospital”

Upon receiving news of Nidia Ripoll’s health issues, the singer made a prompt return to her hometown of Barranquilla.

PH๏τo: The singer with her mother in an image on social networks.  (Instagram/@Shakira)

Shakira has always been known for her strong family values. In fact, when she relocated from Barcelona to Miami, her parents followed suit to be closer to the singer and her children. Unfortunately, around this time, some health issues affecting Shakira’s parents began to surface.

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As per the news report by ‘Telenoticias’, the artist made a trip to her hometown Barranquilla over the weekend to personally check on her father’s health. However, prior to her arrival, she had received worrisome news regarding her mother’s sudden hospitalization.

Así es Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado, la discreta madre de Shakira, que  habría dado la

According to reports from Colombian media and ‘Informativos Telecinco’, Nidia Ripoll, who happens to be the mother of the famous singer Shakira, was hospitalized after suffering from a thrombosis in one of her legs. This incident occurred last Friday when she started feeling unwell. Upon visiting the hospital, doctors found out about the thrombosis, which required her to be admitted. Fortunately, there was no life-threatening situation as the problem was detected on time. In light of this situation, Shakira took her private jet to Barranquilla on Saturday morning to support her parents during this challenging time. It is not the first time that this year Nidia Ripoll faced such a scare as she was also hospitalized for the same reason back in March in Barcelona.

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Over the past few years, the artist’s parents have faced health issues. Sadly, her 92-year-old father had a severe fall in 2022, which led to some significant consequences. Furthermore, he had a stroke and underwent surgery in June to have a Hakim valve installed, all in an attempt to improve his quality of life.

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Shakira’s parents have played a crucial role in her life and have been a significant source of love and support for her, just like Milan and Sasha. She values their presence in her life and recently took a break from her daily routine in Miami to visit them in Colombia.

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