“Shopping with Shakira: A Fun Day of Selfies and Retail Therapy”

Cleaning up: Shakira broke out her compact while shopping in West Hollywood, California, on Saturday to make sure she had the perfect smile

On a bright Saturday afternoon, Shakira went shopping in West Hollywood, California. During her shopping spree, she stopped to check her reflection in a compact and tidied up her appearance. She took a moment to ensure her smile was perfect before resuming her activities for the day.

Shoe shopping: Shakira and a female friend checked out the goods at the Fred Segal store

Shakira and her friend indulged in some shopping at the popular footwear store, Fred Segal.

Casual chic: Shakira kept it cool with a simple outfit

Casual chic: Shakira kept it cool with a simple outfit

Shakira’s fashion game was on point with her effortless yet stylish look. Her attire was casual and chic, emitting a relaxed and cool vibe.

If the shoe fits: Shakira examined the footwear at the Fred Segal store

Shakira recently made a visit to the Fred Segal store, where she spent some time browsing through the selection of shoes on display, trying to find the ideal pair for her feet.

Brown-eyed beauty: Shakira gave a bright smile as she wrapped up shopping

With a beaming smile, the beautiful Shakira completed her shopping spree.

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